Aromahead's March Newsletter:
Respiratory & Immune Support


From Andrea

Hi friend!

This March, I want to address a lot of concerns and questions the Aromahead Team is getting.

People want to know how to protect their respiratory health.

Essential oils are here for you! In this newsletter, you’ll find a diffuser blend to purify the air, several ways to use Eucalyptus oil, and an immune support inhaler. And the great thing about using essential oils for wellness?

They are "multi-purpose!"

Essential oils that are good for respiratory health do a lot for us:

  • Reduce germs in the environment
  • Reduce germs in the body, if you “come down with something”
  • Boost immunity
  • Help clear out mucus, so you can breathe more easily

Nature can support us in so many ways.

Keep using your oils, and keep breathing… you got this!


Spicy Pine Diffuser Blend

A Recipe for You:
Spicy Pine Diffuser Blend

Reduce airborne germs with this spicy, piney diffuser blend! It not only makes your room smell amazing—it strengthens immunity with every breath.

Spicy Pine Diffuser Blend

  • 4 drops White Pine (Pinus strobus)
  • 2 drops Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)
  • 2 drops Clove Bud (Syzygium aromaticum/Eugenia caryophyllata)

Stay Healthy! Essential Oils for Cold Season

On the Aromahead Blog:
Stay Healthy! Essential Oils for Cold Season

A lot of people are feeling especially concerned this cold season, and that’s perfectly understandable.

It’s great to be aware of your health. Being proactive can not only safeguard your immunity (and keep your family healthy). It can also help you feel calm and confident, so stress doesn’t drag down your immune responses.

Consider this post your guide for using essential oils for cold season, and anytime there are viruses in the air.

Read more here >>

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Dr. Shannon Becker of Petrichor Apothecary

Our Aromatherapy World:
Dr. Shannon Becker of Petrichor Apothecary

Dr. Shannon Becker is a PhD scientist… and an Aromahead graduate!

She studies cell biology, and says, “My mission is to combine my scientific training with clinical aromatherapy training, in order to help others.”

“As someone with chronic pain, an anxiety disorder, and difficulty relaxing, I know first hand how useful essential oils can be alongside ‘traditional’ therapies.”

I want to share Dr. Becker’s article about viruses with you. It was published by the Tisserand Institute. (Robert Tisserand is a well-known specialist in essential oil safety and science.)

Read her article to deeply explore the mechanics of how viruses interact with our cells, and how essential oils can help.

I am so grateful to Shannon for the work she’s doing to help us understand essential oils more fully, and use them more effectively!

You can also find Dr. Becker at her website here.

Calming Inhaler Blend

Tips from the Aromahead Team:
Dana's Calming Inhaler Blend

This tip comes from Dana, one of our fantastic forum instructors at Aromahead!

Dana answers questions from our students on the Aromahead Forum, providing guidance on blends and supporting students as they work through their courses. You may have seen her answering your comments on Facebook, too. She’s a multi-tasker at Aromahead!

Dana’s Calming Inhaler Blend
  • 5 drops Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens var roseum)
  • 5 drops Plai Central (Zingiber cassumunar)
  • 2 drops Spearmint (Mentha spicata)
  • 3 drops Hemlock spruce (Tsuga canadensis)
Add to a blank Aromatherapy inhaler.

Dana says, “When I’m worried or my brain is in overdrive and I can’t sleep, I reach for this inhaler. I chose these oils because they help me with anxiety and/or when I can’t get to sleep because my brain won’t slow down. Geranium, Plai and Spearmint are sedative to the central nervous system. Geranium, Spearmint and Hemlock Spruce are known to help with anxiety, while Spearmint and Hemlock Spruce are sedative oils.

“I have several clients who LOVE this blend… I hope you do, too!”

3 Great Ways to Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Video:
3 Great Ways to Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This is one of our most popular videos of all time… and it’s about one of the most popular essential oils for respiratory health!

Over 30,000 people have found this video helpful. Watch to learn all about Eucalyptus essential oil, and 3 ways to use it to support your respiratory wellness.

Watch the video here!

You might have noticed, there are a wide variety of oils that can support respiratory health.

Conifers, spicy oils, citrus oils, fresh leafy oils like Eucalyptus, and “medicinal” oils like Tea Tree. 

Isn’t it wonderful to have options for your natural health?

You can learn more about this topic, including the science and specific recipes, in my 3-hour video class called, “How to Protect Your Family from Colds and Flu Using Essential Oils.”

You’ll master simple essential oil science—so you can identify other oils that are good for respiratory health. And you can use the blends in the class for your family right away.

Once you sign up, you can take the class whenever you like. It’s a video, so you can watch and rewatch as needed. (It’s great to revisit the information every cold season.)