March 21, 2018

Aromahead's March Newsletter

From Andrea

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Why do we want our homes to be clean?

I know, I know . . . such a simple question! But if you really think about it, the main reasons we want clean homes are because a clean environment feels inviting, and we want to stay healthy.

So why would we use harsh chemical cleaners that can stress our immunity? Replacing over-the-counter cleaning products with natural homemade versions made with essential oils can have a HUGE impact on our well-being!

I know some people who used to experience chronic health issues and never seemed able to reach their peak health, who were able to turn it all around simply by replacing their commercial cleaners with natural, homemade essential oil ones.

First, we’re removing harsh chemicals from our environment that can stress our health. (Imagine if the products you used constantly asked your immune system to be a little “on guard.”) Second, we’re replacing those products with effective, supportive essential oil versions—not only do the essential oils keep the place sparkly clean and reduce germs, they also support our health while doing so. This is such a simple change, but it can have a really profound impact on our health.

In this month’s newsletter I’ve included some natural cleaning recipes for you, so you can get started on your own collection of essential oil cleaners. Here’s to a clean home and a healthy family!


A Recipe for You: Lavender & Orange's "Beautiful View" Glass Cleaner


This recipe comes from my book, The Heart of Aromatherapy (published by Hay House). I had fun writing that book because I was able to write about essential oils as though they were characters! They even got to make their own recipes . . .

Lavender & Orange’s “Beautiful View” Glass Cleaner

Lavender and Orange want to help you see the world clearly so you’ll notice the beauty all around you. That’s why they made this glass cleaner for windows (and other glass surfaces).

Make this blend in an 8 oz (240 ml) glass spray bottle. You’ll need:

  • 8 oz (240 ml) water
  • 1 teaspoon (5 ml) vinegar
  • 16 drops Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • 16 drops Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Pour the water and vinegar into the bottle, and then add the essential oils. Shake well, and then spray and wipe glass surfaces clean. I recommend making this blend fresh every few weeks, since it’s a water-based recipe and isn’t made with preservatives.

On the Aromahead Blog: Clean Greasy Pots & Pans Naturally!

March-Blog-March 19-Title-Clean Greasy Pots and Pans Naturally-1200x1200-V1.jpg

It’s so fun to clean greasy pots and pans . . .

You can stand at your sink for hours, working your fingers to the bone and tiring your arm out as you scrub-scrub-scrub away. You can listen to hours of your favorite music as you get everything spic-and-span. You can listen to an entire audiobook.

And then you can leave the pots and pans to soak some more when the grease hasn’t fully let go!

Oh wait . . . that’s actually not so fun, is it?

It’s not always easy to clean greasy pots and pans naturally. That’s why I’m excited to share today’s recipe with you!

More from the Aromahead Blog

Our Aromatherapy World: Botanica2018


Botanica is an international conference held in Brighton, England at the University of Sussex. The conference is from August 31 to September 3.

One of my favorite international Aromatherapy events is coming up in August... Botanica2018!

Botanica is such a special conference—it brings people together from a wide variety of fields who are interested in learning about plant-based medicine and using it in their lives and careers. The tagline for the program is “Celebrating Herbs and Clinical Aromatherapy.” The speakers include people like Aromatherapists, herbalists, scientists, medical professionals, and even small-scale farmers and distillers.

One of my favorite things about the Aromatherapy profession is the beautiful people who are involved in it. Botanica is an opportunity to meet people who share our values, who are doing innovative work in their countries. We share what we know with each other and build on each other’s knowledge. This year, they have 27 speakers scheduled from 13 different countries, and there will be 9 interactive workshops. There’s also going to be a trade show so you can see the products that people are creating!

And here’s something I’m really excited about . . . Aromahead always holds a raffle to sponsor several distillers so they can attend the conference at no cost! I'll "unveil" who the distillers are when we're ready to start the raffle. (There are always fun raffle prizes, too!)

Botanica2018 has an Early Bird Registration Special that ends on March 31! You can get the discount if you’d like to go at this link!

Our Aromatherapy World: 4-Day Workshop: Fusion Aromatherapy for the Sick and Dying

bigstock-Vintage-background-with-flower-89046920.jpgOctober 18 - 21, Lynnwood WA (near Seattle), USA

This is an in-person workshop international teacher, Madeleine Kerkhof. If you’re involved in health care, complementary care, or hospice, this is an incredible opportunity to learn how to use Aromatherapy for those who are very sick, and those who are approaching the end of life.

This can be a very difficult time for people on the emotional level as well as the physical one, and Madeleine can guide you to support patients in so many ways, such as:

  • Increasing quality of life for patients in cancer care or palliative care.
  • Relieving symptoms such as nausea, pain, skin problems, shortness of breath, mouth issues, or digestive problems.
  • Using essential oils and CO2 extracts to soothe anxiety, stress, and emotional and spiritual turmoil for the sick and their loved ones . . . and for yourself as you care for others through this experience.

Day 1 of the course will focus on skin and wound care (including things like bed sores). Day 2 will be about using Aromatherapy to relieve different kinds of pain. Day 3 will take you in depth into easing side effects of cancer treatments and palliative care. And Day 4, you’ll learn about emotional and spiritual well-being for the sick and dying.

People travel from all around the world to study with Madeleine. Her students have commented that . . .

“It was worth the trip from Melbourne!”

“Madeleine is a genuine teacher, not just an instructor.”

“This was a life-changing experience.”

Learn more about this course here. (You have to scroll down the page about halfway to get to the information about this particular class.)

Essential Oil Spotlight: Neroli Essential Oil


Neroli essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara) comes from orange blossoms... and its aroma might make you feel like you're falling asleep in a fragrant grove of blossoming orange trees!

Want to come on a little mental journey with me? I would ask you to close your eyes, but you couldn’t close them and keep reading . . . so just imagine it with me!

Imagine it’s nighttime, and you’re in a beautiful grove of orange trees in blossom. A cool, refreshing breeze is rustling through the leaves, surrounding you with the aromatic perfume of the blossoms. It’s such a tranquil place, and you feel peaceful and serene.

Now find a hammock under one of the trees and sleep like a baby.

In this Essential Oil Spotlight, I'll share some of the ways to connect with Neroli's relaxing presence, including a bedtime room spray for kids and the most peaceful body butter you've ever tried!

Click here to read more.

Business Tip: Grammarly


Do you some times (oops, I mean sometimes) write e-mails (oh, emails doesn’t need a hyphen) or posts on Facebook, only to later realize you’ve made a few little writing or grammer grammar mistakes?

Your going to love this! (Oops, I should have written “you’re”...)

Haha, I couldn’t resist having a little fun there! Because I’m going to tell you about Grammarly, an amazing tool that checks your spelling, punctuation, and word usage as you write. Grammarly is an app you can use on your phone or desktop, and it will check everything you write in your email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other places you write online. I’ve found Grammarly to be more effective than the spelling and grammar check in my word processor—my old spellcheck might notice if I spell “affect” wrong, but Grammarly can even catch if I should use the word “effect” instead, and other stylistic errors. (Affect versus effect, such a tough one to remember!)

When you visit their homepage and scroll down, you can see some wonderful examples of Grammarly in action.

Grammarly offers a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. You can even download a version for Microsoft Office. It feels so nice to have the confidence that what you write is “right!”

Aromahead Video: What to Diffuse When You Want the House to Smell Fresh

Youtube-Title-January-What to Diffuse When you want the house to smell fresh-1200x1200-V1.jpg

In this video, I’m going to share an essential oil diffuser blend that makes your house smell amazing—it blends citrus, floral, and minty aromas for a unique combination that always makes my guests say, “Wow, what am I smelling? I love it!”

The four essential oils I’m using are:

  • Lemon (Citrus limon)
  • Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)
  • Bergamot Mint (Mentha citrata)
  • Peppermint (Mentha × piperita)
I want to draw your attention to the combination of Bergamot, Bergamot Mint, and Peppermint essential oils. Bergamot Mint is a unique and beautiful essential oil that unites a citrus aroma with minty notes. You might think it smells like it’s already a blend of oils, but it’s a SINGLE oil that combines these different aromas. Incredible! 

Watch the video and enjoy the recipe!


Enjoy the recipes, and see you next month! (I bet you’re going to go clean your house now, aren’t you?)