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Aromahead Institute is excited to present this FREE webinar:

How To Safely Use Essential Oils With Kids


Are you curious about how Aromatherapy can support kids with anxiety, colds & flu, sleep, and more – 100% naturally?

Do you want to learn how to use Essential Oils safely for children and babies?

This is the perfect webinar for you!

During this FREE Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • Which Essential Oils are safe for children… and how to use them

  • A chart of common early childhood issues – such as anxiety, sleep, allergies, colds & flu, diaper rash, and more – and Aromatherapy blends that can help with each

  • Tips for raising healthy children with all-natural products

  • Fun & easy recipes you can make and use with your kids (such as ‘shower power flowers,’ foam soap, and massage oil)

  • A guide to Essential Oil dilution for children

  • The perfect aroma for parents to use to wind down at the end of the day