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Meet the Aromatherapy Experts

"I opened my aromatherapy business part-time in 2010, and left corporate America a year-and-a-half later to run it full time."


Deborah Alberto, owner of Debbi's Aromatherapy in Colorado

"She became my first 'regular', which has given me confidence to use the knowledge that I learned from the ACP to help others."


Melissa Clymer, owner of Sweet Willow Spirit Aromatherapy in Wisconsin

"My child’s relief was surely benefit enough, but I am also incredibly thankful for the ability to assist him in his recovery."


Melanie Blaine, owner of MellyMadeNaturals in Tennessee

"I graduated and started my aromatherapy business. Within a short amount of time, I began to receive clients for consultations."


Amy Emnett, owner of Blossoms+Blends Aromatherapy in Missouri

"After making inhalers with a group of kids, an 8-year-old let me know she was still using her inhaler. What a reward for the both of us!"


Teresa Smith, owner of Blue Heron Aromatherapy in Kansas

"Six months later, I went in for a check-up. She came into the exam room, smiled and said, 'It's gone.' ...I'm relieved and happy for her."


Tom Lightfield

"One friend has used my anxiety and depression inhaler. It has helped her so much that she was able to stop using prescribed medicines."


Phuong Le Callaway, Ph. D.

"I have clients whose concerns really improved and were less severe from using my products. They love them because there are no chemicals."


Melissa Curran, owner of Scented Balance in North Carolina

"Her finger now does not feel numb and is not as painful even after long hours of practice... she is also feeling happier and not as stressed as before."


Hazel Ketko

"We've had great results tailoring blends to their unique needs by using hydrosols in place of oils or lower dilution ratios of essential oils."


Cynthia Tamlyn

"I decided that I would take on the challenge to help her... the eczema is gone and has not returned! It's been almost eight months."


Diana Ekonomou

"I haven’t been a Certified Aromatherapist for a long period of time, but my life has changed a lot. I have much more confidence."


Jasminka Saric, owner of Allianthe Aromaterapija in Croatia

"My dream works. Two of my skin care products are getting great reviews... I am working on a line of five products made with sustainable ingredients."


Elena Romanova, owner of AromaSense in New Zealand

"It’s such a blessing to know she has regained a sense of value in her life and is experiencing a higher quality of life after it looked so bleak for so long."


Mary Jo Serfin, owner of Om Heart in Minnesota

"I could never express the amount of joy it gives me to help someone feel better by using the knowledge that I gained through this program."


Jody Pesapane, owner of Mindful Mixtures in California

"As a former medical auditor and A&P instructor, the connection between our bodies and essential oils became more and more apparent to me."


Rehne Burge, owner of Soul Essentials Duo in Louisiana

"I am hoping through the seminars I give and through my work at these nursing homes, more people will open up to the potential of essential oils."


Robin Kessler, owner of RBK Aromatherapy in New Jersey

"I feel confident that I now have a better handle on how to find reliable information, and how to go about researching the answers to questions I have."


Sheri Roach, owner of Golden Heart Essentials in Alaska

Learn How to Become a Certified Aromatherapist