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Yuzu Essential Oil Spotlight

by Andrea Butje on April 02, 2018

Yuzu (Citrus junos

Yuzu is a fruit that's primarily grown in Japan, where it's very popular. It resembles a small orange, but the rind is not as smooth.

Yuzu’s aroma is unmistakably citrus, and it also has floral notes that help it stand out from the crowd and put a new, complex twist on the familiar citrus fragrance.

These recipes let different aspects of Yuzu's personality shine, from its relaxing side to its more vibrant, optimistic notes.

Let's explore ways to use Yuzu essential oil for . . .

  • Energy
  • Reducing germs
  • Skin care
  • Relaxation
  • Foam soap
  • Feeling refreshed
  • Bath salt

And more!

Yuzu is one of those essential oils (like Orange) that manages to be versatile, and is a good friend in both the daytime (when you want energy) and evenings (when it's time to relax).

Let's start with one of Yuzu's favorite daytime blends for getting your energy going . . .