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Balsam Fir Essential Oil

Balsam Fir is a wonderful choice for respiratory support, achy muscles and joints, and getting your energy flowing in a positive way.

The aroma of Balsam Fir reminds me of being in a snowy evergreen forest on my way to a holiday party. I’m so cold . . . but so happy to be going to see friends!

Its fresh, evergreen, almost sparkling aroma brings out confidence and warmth, making people feel comfortable with expressing themselves, and even easing tightness in the body that might hold you back or make you feel nervous.

Have fun with the four Balsam Fir recipes in this Spotlight!


Make a Balsam Fir body moisturizer.

Balsam Fir knows that cold temperatures can be uncomfortable, especially for your nose and any tight muscles that might be feeling sore (maybe after a hike through the snow). And it wants to make sure nothing holds you back from having a great time and being your best self. So it will help ease achy muscles, soothe sniffles, and give you a fresh boost of energy so you can enjoy the party!

Like all the conifer oils, it’s got a fresh, woody, evergreen scent, with a radiant note that makes it stand out. I love using its “enchanting forest” aroma in blends!

Here’s a simple recipe I created that pairs Balsam Fir with warm vanilla and orange:

Balsam Fir Enchanting Forest Moisturizer

  • 1 oz (30 ml) vanilla-infused jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)
  • 12 drops Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)
  • 3 drops Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Just combine your ingredients in a 1 oz (30 ml) glass bottle.



Balsam Fir also goes great in a body butter.

Balsam Fir has a beautiful combination of talents, able to help you feel grounded while its aroma opens your heart at the same time.

Just like a warm friend with a big personality, it makes you feel special to be who you are.

That’s why it’s right at home in an all-over, feel-good body moisturizer.

Absolutely Moisturizing Alpine Body Butter

  • 1 oz (30 ml) argan oil (Argania spinosa)
  • 5 oz (42 gm) coconut oil (Cocos nucifera)
  • ½ oz (14 gm) beeswax (Cera alba)
  • 25 drops Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)
  • 20 drops Balsam Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)
  • 15 drops Tangerine (Citrus tangerina)


You’ll need a 4 oz (120 ml) glass jar for this blend.

I made a YouTube video showing you how to melt natural butters and oils on the stove. In the video I show you how to make a “double boiler” using a Pyrex measuring cup and a cooking pot.

  • Melt your beeswax in your Pyrex “double boiler.”
  • Add the coconut oil.
  • Add the argan oil.
  • Stir gently with a glass stir rod and remove the blend from heat.
  • Add your essential oils, stirring gently.
  • Pour your moisturizer into your 4 oz (120 ml) glass jar, and let it cool. (It won’t take long!)


Relax your muscles and your mind with Balsam Fir massage oil.

Imagine going to meet a group of people for a relaxing retreat at an alpine ski lodge.

You’ve never met them before, so you’re not sure if you’ll get along . . . but once you meet them it’s like coming home to old friends. Being with them in a setting of snow, fragrant fir trees, crackling fireplaces, and sweet warm drinks opens your heart, and you can be yourself in a big way.

That’s the feeling Balsam Fir essential oil brings to massage blends. It’s comforting, exciting, and a bit mysterious all at once. It lets you “settle in and open up.”

I love making massage blends that have this effect! Here’s one with Balsam Fir and avocado oil.

Green Forest Massage Oil

  • 2 oz (60 ml) avocado oil (Persea gratissima)
  • 13 drops Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)
  • 8 drops Pinon Pine (Pinus edulis)
  • 3 drops Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica)

Combine all your oils in a 2 oz (60 ml) glass bottle. The avocado oil’s beautiful green hue makes it the perfect carrier for this comforting foresty blend.


Love the aroma of Balsam Fir essential oil? Make perfume!

Balsam Fir essential oil has a beautiful, foresty aroma, with a warm comforting presence that complements a wide variety of other scents.

It blends well with other pine aromas, florals, earthy base notes, bright citruses, resins, and of course, woody scents. Everyone loves it! You can think of it like a warm friend who hosts big parties, and makes everyone feel welcome in their home.

Beautiful Balsam Solid Perfume

  • 2 oz (60 ml) jojoba wax (Simmondsia chinensis)
  • ½ oz (14 g) beeswax (Cera alba)
  • 20 drops Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)
  • 4 drops Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum)
  • 7 drops Neroli (Citrus aurantium amara)
  • 14 drops Yuzu (Citrus junos)

You’ll need three 1 oz (30 ml) glass jars (the blend makes about 2.5 oz/75 ml). First, melt your beeswax using the “double boiler” method. I describe that in this blog post.  Fill a cooking pot about ¼ full with water and bring it to a boil. Then set a Pyrex measuring cup in the pot. You can melt your beeswax and blend it with the jojoba in the Pyrex.

Once your beeswax and jojoba are melted together, remove the blend from heat and add your essential oils, stirring gently with a glass stir rod or the handle of a spoon.

Pour your perfume from the Pyrex into your glass jars. Once it’s solid, use it on your wrists, neck, and anywhere you’d like to smell good!


Get to know Balsam Fir.

Spend a little time with its fresh, sparkling aroma, and see if you don’t wind up feeling a little more “sparkly” yourself!

If you enjoyed this Essential Oil Spotlight and would like to learn more about essential oils, including how to make different body butters and moisturizers, you might be interested in Aromahead’s online class, “Body Butters and Lip Balms.” This is one of our most well-loved online classes—once people learn the fundamentals of making their own body butters and lip balms, the creative possibilities are endless!

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